Social Venture Circle - Opportunity Collaboration
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Social Venture Circle (SVC) is partnering with Opportunity Collaboration to recruit outstanding leaders building the NEXT Economy, one that is regenerative, equitable, and prosperous for all, to convene in Cancún Mexico from October 13-18, 2019 to forge collaborative solutions to global challenges.  In addition to engaging in a personally transformative morning leadership experience, the 400+ OC delegates working in over 50 countries around the world share their own expertise and challenges via curated conversations throughout the afternoons and evenings.  Delegates engage in practical, skill-development sessions on media & board management, organizational development and more, plus immerse themselves in networking opportunities to promote their missions, and discover partners and kindred spirits.


Each year, many SVC members attend, a testament to the tremendous value the OC community offers to impact investors, philanthropists and practitioners committed to ending global poverty. SVC’s Valerie Red-Horse Mohl & Emily Winslow will be catalyzing conversations alongside SVC members at OC 2019!


A not-to-be-missed business retreat bound to strengthen your response to global problems, don’t miss OC 2019!

“I've attended OC each year since its inception. The ‘unconference’ format is super innovative and intentional in small but important ways, designed to draw folks together across life experiences, providing a refreshing and thought provoking environment to explore our shared values, big challenges, and opportunities. Today, I can trace most of my current initiatives and investments to connections and new friends I've made through OC.” - Jim Davidson, SVC Board Chair

Still Not Convinced?

Learn why Delegates join, see OC success stories, and read the interview with OC’s leadership on SVC’s blog here!

“OC has proven to be the perfect complement to my SVC membership. OC is my place of inspiration and deep relationship building that drives new partnerships and approaches, while SVC is my community that pushes me to lead with impact first.”
– Sherri Pittman, OC + SVC Board Member