Community Commitments - Opportunity Collaboration
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Community Commitments

1. We are a community built on inclusion and deep connections.​ We need not agree on everything, but we are committed to welcoming newcomers and supporting each other’s growth and well-being as a community.


2. Celebrating our individual identities and common bonds, we speak from our own lived experience. ​We speak for ourselves and not on behalf of anyone else.


3. We each take responsibility for creating and contributing to a culture of generosity and respect​. We understand that every person in this community is on their own unique journey, and we all make mistakes. We treat each other with care, compassion and empathy.


4. We acknowledge the role resources play in the impact ecosystem, and the importance of actively exchanging those resources. In honor of the long-term sustainability of these transactions, we commit first and foremost to relationships as the foundation for our collaboration.


5. We commit to showing up, for real.​ We encourage each other to bring the many facets of ourselves, personally and professionally, to our community.


6. We do what we need to do as individuals and as a collective. Time to process and reflect are built into the agenda, and we’re welcome to create more. If we need to take a break, take a walk, or call a friend, we will, with equal care taken for the community’s well-being.


7. Our community is strengthened by our global diversity. We honor our diversity, and strive to reach a shared understanding across language barriers, cultures, and all our wonderful differences.


8. Rather than sages on the stages, we prioritize deep listening and relating. We’re all pieces of the same puzzle. We all have something to simultaneously contribute and receive from each other.

OC thanks StartingBloc for generously sharing their community agreements and inspiring these commitments.