Fellowships & Awards - Opportunity Collaboration
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Fellowships & Awards To Attend OC

OC Fellowship

Up to $3,490 in registration support for high-impact, innovative, entrepreneurial for-profit and nonprofit executives with a demonstrated commitment to building sustainable solutions to poverty and injustice.

OC Weaver Award

Up to $3,490 in registration support for mission-driven weavers across a wide range of sectors who have networks of community leaders and are well-positioned to mobilize resources on behalf of these networks.

BOMA Media & Communication Strategists

Registration and transportation support for social-impact driven media and communication professionals who wish to share their knowledge as delegates at Opportunity Collaboration.
I have numerous colleagues doing incredible work in Africa, and this was an eye-opener for me. It gave me insight into the workings of partnerships between funders, investors and people working at the grassroots level. - Mshila Sio, Founding Director, Agua Inc