OC2023 Remote Access - Opportunity Collaboration
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Join us for OC2023 Remote Access and enjoy…

Remote Access sessions are online Conversations for Change with fellow online Delegates and in-person Delegates at OC2023 in Dominican Republic

Leadership Circles are small online group meetings each day that foster connection and economic justice, and ask Delegates to think pragmatically about the nature of their leadership.

Online sessions led by Remote Access Delegates working to alleviate poverty and injustice.

Serendipitous connections with Delegates in-person and online.

October 16-18th  |  10:00am – 4:00pm AST  |  Virtual


OC2023 Remote Access is the inaugural virtual summit bringing together a select group of 50 leaders to experience OC2023 from anywhere in the world. 

How Does Remote Access Work?

With the latest technology, OC2023 Remote Access Delegates can participate in several in-person sessions happening LIVE at OC2023. As we step into this hybrid space for remote access, we honor unconference principles of:


No Keynotes

No Panels

No Streaming!


Remote Access sessions are limited in the number of people who join in-person and online to maximize participation and the ability for voices to be heard. With hybrid ready cameras, online Delegates will be able to see a 360 degree view of the in-person room and up close shots of each Delegate as they speak in-person.


Remote Access Daily Schedule

Pricing Information:

Standard Remote Access: $500


Discounted rates:

OC365 Delegate Remote Access: $300

Non-OECD Remote Access: $100

For any questions regarding registration, please contact tracie@ocimpact.com.