OC USA - Opportunity Collaboration
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Event Info


In 2018, with the help of our Founding Partners, OC launched a network of funders and social entrepreneurs building solutions to poverty and injustice in the United States, convening nearly 250 Delegates from 35 states working on issues including gun violence, education equity, criminal justice, inclusion, the opioid crisis, indigenous rights, conscious consumerism and much more.

OC USA in 2019

The United States has much to learn from the world. OC has built a global network of poverty solvers for the last decade, and exists to build bridges (not walls!) In 2019, the OC USA network is invited to convene alongside our global community in Cancún, with opportunities to focus on US issues, local work, and regional connections, as well as opportunities to exchange best practices and lessons learned from common challenges faced around the world – and in our own backyards.

The format allowed me to have in-depth meetings with over 20 leaders of early-stage organizations, our foundation’s target audience. In addition, I enjoyed quality time with several of our grantees, and still had time, over breakfast and while walking on the beach, to meet with my incredible peers, many of whom continue to inform my work and enhance my impact. - Anne Marie Burgoyne, Portfolio Director, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, USA

Founding Partners

We partner with colleagues we trust, whose values we share when common objectives translate in ego-free zones.

The best conference I've ever attended. Great venue. Great people. Well run. Just an amazing community and event that creates an environment for social entrepreneurs (big and small) to connect around poverty alleviation. - Mark Muckerheide, (Ret.) Director of Corporate Responsibility, Target Corporation